The focus of Bogalusa Readiness Center was to establish a new facility using pre-engineered building systems to serve the LAARNG 205th Battalion of Engineers. 

The facility is comprised of a readiness center, a maintenance training bar, an unheated storage building, flammable materials storage and controlled waste handling, and a wash rack and fueling station for vehicles. 

The Bogalusa Readiness Center was part of a half billion dollar effort by LAARNG to replace the facilities destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. 

The design intent of the center engaged the site's rural context. Precast concrete panels and a metal roof were used to unify the building with its vast surroundings of large pine trees.


LOCATION: Bogalusa, LA

SQ FT: 42,000

COST: $16 million




2008 Award of Excellence: Associated Builders & contractors, Inc.

Sustainability Criteria:  Gold Level SPiRiT (Sustainable Project Rating Tool)